1. rob-mitchum:


    Halloween 2013 wasn’t just an experiment for Phish, it was for one for seasoned fans as well. Listen to enough Phish shows, and you start to experience shows as a form of live time travel, simultaneously hearing a song in the moment while measuring it up against all of its past performances….


  3. pitchfork:

    The deluxe edition of Kurt Vile’s forthcoming Wakin on a Pretty Daze comes with its own sticker sheet. 


  5. Who’s headed to drink some warm beer this week at NERAX? 

  6. Attention Phish Heads…stream every show available dating back to 1983 via www.phishtracks.com


  7. image

  8. Somerville PorchFest coming to a porch near you on May 18th. 


  9. mark kozelek like rats

    Stream is available until Feb 19th. Album to be released on Caldo Verde on same date.